French game night in Alexandria!$30(Alexandria, VA)

Talk, describe, mime and laugh in French! At game night, we will be conversing and playing French board games while also speaking the language. We offer simpler games for beginner students as well as games for intermediate students. During these games, there will also be a potluck and we encourage you to also bring your favorite dish to share! Beginner students: Mondays- 5:30-7:00pm, once a month Location: 5749 Governors Pond Circle, Alexandria -June 11th -July 9th -Aug 13th Intermediate students: Fridays- 6:30pm to 8:00pm, once a month Location: 5749 Governors Pond Cir, Alexandria -June 1st -July 13th -August 10th Registration is mandatory for participation! For more information about these game nights check out our website!: