French classes - Private lessons(Alexandria, VA)

If you would like to learn French but think you will benefit more from learning at your own pace than in a classroom, or if you feel like you need more focused interaction than what is possible in a big group, consider signing up for our private lessons here at The French Academy! One-on-one lessons are perfect for addressing specific needs: - You can prepare yourself for a test, a new job or a move abroad. - Or you may want to communicate more, talk to a native French speaker, have more time to ask questions and learn about the French culture. We have highly-skilled native French teachers who are passionate about their job and ready to help you master the language. We will prepare lessons specifically tailored to your needs. They will also take place at a place and time that is the most convenient for you. The price starts at $60 per hour. Schedule and registration: If you are interested in a private lesson or specialized tutorial, please contact us to make an appointment. We will try to arrange your schedule as much as possible. Some things to consider: the more hours you purchase, the cheaper it will be (and you’ll be motivated to follow through). Plus, planning your classes in advance allows you to the most choices in our schedule! More info and registration: