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We have a little parakeet and a regular cage. Looking for a bigger cage if possible, cage cover, treat sticks or any supplies you may not be using. Thank you!
Medium birdcage that hasn't been used in 30 years, since our last parakeet passed and we got our first cat. We kept two parakeets comfortably in the cage; it's not really large enough for a parrot. Could use a good scrub but is otherwise in great condition.
This is the classic IKEA KURA bed. It's "reversible" meaning it works as a bunk bed or like a platform bed. The tent turns it into a playhouse. It has to be removed from my house this week. That will mean disassembling it to some degree, and it's IKEA, so...on the other hand the wood pieces are solid. You can have the mattress for it if you want. This was in a room with a pet parakeet so if you...
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